Greece is at the top of the preferences of tourists and investors worldwide, according to a report by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services on the new trends in the real estate market for 2023.

Specifically, according to the “Europe India UAE 2023 Real Estate” report, which analyzes the new trends and dynamics of each real estate market in this year’s real estate industry challenges, the Greek market once again takes the lead on the global real estate map, even presenting unprecedented demand in the rental of luxury homes, especially during the summer months.

As is typically noted, Greece is still in the first preferences of visitors and investors from all over the world, as the “enchanting paradise” of Europe, since it combines the excellent historical background and timeless cultural wealth, with the amazing coasts and landscapes, causing many to look for their permanent residence in Greece.

This increased demand makes it difficult to rent houses during the holidays and beyond, with industry professionals urging tourists to pre-book the properties of their choice, even nine months in advance. At the same time, the occupancy limit for obtaining the “Golden Visa” tends to double in the next period, while it seems that many Greek tenants are being pushed out of the densely populated neighborhoods of the wider center of Athens, as well as its popular suburbs, due to the successive increases in rents.

“The announcement of the Greek government on the increase of the Golden Visa limit from 250,000 euros to 500,000 euros mainly affects popular places and tourist destinations, such as the center of Athens and its popular southern and northern suburbs and its islands Mykonos and Santorini” observes Mr. Kyriakos Xydis, Managing Partner of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Athens Properties.

In fact, he explains that “this change is happening because many Greek residents were excluded from the housing market, due to the investments that came from abroad, which shot up the prices. In recent years, investors from all over the world have been buying real estate, driving up demand and prices. Furthermore, many Greeks are leaving their homes, which are located in central and crowded places, due to high rents. Through this specific measure, the Government is trying to tame the absurd increases in housing prices in many cases, although the results alone will show the effectiveness of the measure.”