Bugatti Residences is the name of the architectural masterpiece announced by Bugatti and the real estate company, Binghatti, and is the first skyscraper of the Italian brand.

You have the possibility to park in your apartment, as it has two vehicle lifts. We may have seen the car elevator and the building named after the automaker before, but for Bugatti this is an official first, as it has never dealt with real estate before.

For those who don’t know Binghatti is one of the largest real estate companies in the United Arab Emirates. It is the company of Muhhamad BinGhatti and has dozens of buildings to its credit for large companies, but also residences that are sold or rented at particularly high prices…

Before announcing Bugatti Residences, her latest project and collaboration with Bugatti, she had announced, in November 2022, the ambitious plan to build the tallest residential tower in the world. Burj Binghatti Jacon & Co, is a collaboration with the famous watch company, which also works with Bugatti, and will house apartments at a height of 532 meters.

Bugatti’s involvement

Bugatti with this move is essentially entering a new area of activity for the first time, but judging by Mate Rimac’s moves so far, it’s a considered move. Bugatti Residences will be in Dubai’s Business Bay, which is one of the most privileged areas of the city.

As the companies describe it has a meticulously designed structure that features a distinct facade and is complemented by elaborately designed interiors.