Which districts are in high demand?

It has been observed that, even in the midst of a pandemic, the Greek real estate market continues to attract the interest of international investors due to the comparative geopolitical advantages of the country, as stressed by George Kormas, Senior General Manager, Head of Real Estate Group of Piraeus Bank and Piraeus Real Estate CEO, at the 22nd Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum on the topic of investment opportunities in Greece and the course of the national economy.

The remarkable recovery of the real estate market in 2019 and during the first two months of 2020 is a valid indicator of recovering the lost momentum of the industry, according to Mr. Kormas.

“Real estate, even in the most difficult times, is proving to be a safe investment choice, a fact that is enhanced by the increased demand of foreign investors for first-class real estate, but also by the large private and public investments that stimulate the Greek real estate market,” he said.

Regarding the digital transformation of Piraeus Real Estate and the innovation used to meet the challenges in the Greek real estate market, Mr. Kormas noted that technology is unquestionably an ally in the business world’s effort to deal with the effects of the pandemic.

“Piraeus Real Estate utilizes the most modern CRM tools to make its service more personalized, responding to the complex and increased needs of its investors and customers”, said the head of Piraeus Real Estate and announced the implementation by the technology company augmented reality (AR) for the 3D presentation of real estate within the context of the digital transformation.

When asked about the company’s actions regarding the management of the pandemic in the context of modern corporate governance, Mr. Kormas replied that both Piraeus Bank and Piraeus Real Estate followed the instructions of the state and the scientific community, directly implementing the teleworking measure and accelerating the digital transformation of their operation.

He also stressed that through the policies of responsible corporate governance, the Piraeus Bank Group has put environmental sustainability at the top of its priorities, with particular emphasis on the environmental footprint of the properties within its dynamic portfolio.


Source: Capital