The housing market seems to be rising, as in the first four months there was an increase of 61% in the research for real estate for sale and by 30% for rent.

As usual, in demand are the areas in the center of Athens that offer big surfaced residencies, a clear indication that market trends are driven by the phenomenon of teleworking which, as it turns out, is the new daily life for thousands of employees.

The strong interest in renting or buying a house comes to reverse the picture formed in 2020, when, according to the demand index (SDI Index) curated by the online real estate network Spitogatos, there was a decline of 8.3% in rentals and 2.2% on properties for sale.

More specifically, during the current year the demand for real estate for sale in Attica increased by 65.2%, while for rental real estate, the increase was of the order of 28.2%. It is noteworthy that the increase in demand for real estate in Attica followed the decrease of -5.2% in demand for properties for rent and -7.5% in demand for properties for sale, which was recorded in the first four months of 2020.

Regarding the most popular areas for the housing market, the northern, southern and eastern suburbs of Attica stand out. At the top is Markopoulo. Kifissia, Nea Makri, Voula and Chalandri follow, with the top ten being completed by Saronida, Rafina, Artemida, Agia Paraskevi and the area of ​​Vari – Varkiza.

Respectively, the most popular areas for renting houses are located far from the center of Athens, where larger properties are offered, improved quality of life and much more affordable prices. Thus, areas such as Markopoulo, Rafina, Saronida, Kalivia, Megara, Oropos, Heraklion, Lavrio and Keratea stand out.

According to the CEO of Spitogatos, Dimitris Melachrinos, “it is very encouraging that we see a revival of this degree, in the midst of a pandemic, in the search for real estate in our country in the first four months of 2021 compared to the relatively smaller decrease observed in 2020 for the corresponding time frame”.

The pandemic, however, seems to have significantly affected the preferences of those seeking property. Based on searches conducted on Spitogatos and the rest of our network, there is a clear shift in demand for larger houses. Because there are many who work from home, they may need more space to employ their children, while the increased demand in areas outside the major urban centers is also noteworthy.